tempus veritas revelat

The design intent of the Magnolia 4 is to create an alternate timeline where the future and the past coexist. An isolated island where the boundaries between the classic and the modern blur, and successful ideas from the dawn of the machine age are set free to evolve in new and unexpected ways.

New Orleans inspired.
New Orleans made.

At the intersection of culture and passion lie the icons of design. Only design that originates from within a culture can achieve permanence and endure through multi-generational time scales. By honoring the great engineering legends of motorcycling, automotive, and aviation, then filtering their concepts through our culture, produce a totally unique design language.

Louisiana’s Art Nouveau movement, alongside the elegance and decadence infused into our historic city’s food, architecture, and industrial design for the past 300 years, shapes and informs our design aesthetic organically. The classic proportion with an immediately recognizable profile as an American Motorcycle, but with a style that could only come from one place…

The oldest Bohemia in the New World – New Orleans – is our inspiration, and from the Latin axiom: “Time, Truth Reveals” our motto for the last great American air-cooled motorcycle.

Color palette inspiration drawn from Newcomb pottery.

Explore the Magnolia 4 in 3D


Explore the Magnolia 4 in 3D



Our engine design prioritizes simplicity and durability with the fewest number of moving parts possible. Key features include an undersquare bore/stroke ratio, a configurable crankshaft design, and non-hemispherical combustion chamber.

A single overhead cam is bevel drive gear operated and has direct actuation of the valves. The engine incorporates a fresh concept for air/oil cooling, featuring an engine block with complex oil feeds and drains, under-piston oil jets, and internal cooling fins achieved through modern 5-axis machining techniques.

Ignoring the modern trend towards rpm-based power, our engine is designed for low-to mid-range torque, and maximum longevity. Overbuilt, under-stressed, an heirloom.


Focusing on the practical application of our engine’s substantial torque, our transmission is a study in minimalism with a 3-speed gearbox combining constant mesh and sliding mesh configurations.

The design choice drastically reduces complexity, and combined with a centrifugally actuated clutch and a tank-shift lever, offers an entirely new user experience. Antique style tank shifting, without the necessity of mastering a difficult foot clutch.

The result is a gear selection process that is deliberate and tactile, with less shifting and a very analog connection with the machine.


The evolution of the modern motorcycle telescopic front fork and coil-over rear shock arrangement has done little to address its underlying weaknesses including stiction, torsional rigidity, limitations in wheel trajectory control, and dive during braking.

The suspension system of the Magnolia 4 represents a highly refined set of geometries based on 25 years of design and prototyping experience. Additionally, the rear suspension design incorporates appropriate swingarm up-angle, leveraging a hydro-pneumatic shock absorber system for enhanced control and adjustability, all while adhering to the overarching theme of minimizing moving parts for increased efficiency and visual cohesion.

materials & manufacturing

To address the inherent weight of a powertrain designed for long-lasting performance and multi-functional use, we’ve emphasized “adding lightness” when selecting our materials and manufacturing methods.

Leveraging modern 5-axis CNC machining, the engine is crafted from a 6000 series aluminum alloy. Fully embracing modern design and engineering software yields intricate shapes and integrated structures that provide stability and minimal distortion during operation.

A unified cylinder and head expand the engine’s role to include the main structural component of the motorcycle chassis.


Drawing inspiration from antique motorcycle design, the incorporation of a modern, lightweight composite leaf spring and a dedicated hydro-pneumatic suspension unit for the seat, promises an exceptionally comfortable long-distance touring experience.

With adjustable seat height, fore-to-aft position, and floorboard adjustments both for angle and throw, the Magnolia 4 will accommodate a tremendous variety of human morphologies.

the century concept

The core design philosophy for our motorcycle prioritizes longevity and ease of re-commissioning even after a century of use. To combat the challenges posed by time, corrosive fluids and electronic vulnerabilities must be addressed.

In this context, a simple port fuel injection system with universal components, open-source access, and the adoption of cable-operated drum brakes is a logical choice. Housed within a new kind of aluminum wheel designed for optimal heat dissipation, the mechanical brake revives a forgotten antique solution for efficient braking.

The Magnolia 4 embraces the authenticity of kick-starting, reviving the lost art of turning bio-mechanical energy into a self-sustaining mechanical reaction while minimizing reliance on complex electrical systems and batteries. As long as humans are interested in riding motorcycles, the Magnolia 4 will be ready for an adventure.

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