LeMat Revolver

The new model LeMat revolver: a modern iteration of a classic New Orleans design.

Dr. Jean Francois Alexander LeMat (1821-1895) was a New Orleans innovator and kindred spirit. In his lifetime he patented surgical equipment, numerous nautical safety improvements, and a functional helically driven dirigible; today he is best known for his “Grape Shot Revolver”. Patented in 1856, the LeMat revolver was enthusiastically championed by then-Colonel P.G.T. Beauregard, and subsequently commissioned by the Confederate Army. Approximately 2,900 LeMat revolvers were produced.

Our model LeMat revolver, using cartridge ammunition, is a nine-shot center fire surrounding a twenty-gauge smooth bore shotgun barrel. The .38 caliber rifle barrel accepts all .38 caliber ammunition including .380 auto, 9 millimeter lugar, .38 special, .38 super and .357 magnum.

It also incorporates a Smith & Wesson style top break with a spring-loaded ejector.

Digital Renderings by Michael Princip.

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