Bowie Knife

On September 19, 1827, Colonel James “Jim” Bowie of Alamo fame made national headlines by successfully defending himself against several men armed with pistols and swords in a duelling match that went awry. His only weapon: the first Bowie knife. The Sandbar Fight as it was later known took place in the Mississippi River and can be cited as the birthplace of the first truly Louisianan martial art – Bowie knife fighting.

This knife represents the traditional Bowie knife architecture coupled with modern ergonomic design and modern materials. The blade is a laminate of 15-N-20 and 1098 steels with handle cast onto the blade and features rosewood inlay. Holster is constructed of stainless steel with matching belt and buckle featuring the original Louisiana state motto Non Sibi Sed Suis (Not for one’s self, but for one’s own.)

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